Water containers MWT

After connecting the air-water ES heat pump to the all-purpose ES container MWT 300.4 or MWT 500,4, the customer gains an advanced heating system, in which the all-purpose ES container is its heart. Thanks to the double coil pipe located in the container (altogether 40m) we gain a very economical heating system, which delivers both warm usable water, as well as hot water for the heating system. In case of modernization, the existing boiler can be used as an extra backup boiler and the all-purpose container will provide solutions for the connection with the existing or new installation.

The ES all-purpose containers are energy-efficient technologically-advanced solution. Their construction, the technology of execution and functionality allow for the connection of the existing hat sources, but also of the developing, energy-efficient heat sources, like solar heating systems (zamontowane wężownice solarne). They are designed in the hight-tec technology, well isolated, guarantee maximum energy savings. They are equipped in thermostatic controll heater (3 kW od 30-75° C) to heat the shower water

Placement of the thermophore in the top part of the container allows for action independently from other sources of heat connetcted the to container, being at the same time auxiliary power supply, which guarantees proper, high temperature in the top part of the container guaranteeing at the same time high water temperature in the house.

Most important

  • solar collector 10 or 15 meters
  • the container has two coil pipes 20 + 20 meters CWU
  • electrical thermophore 2kW
  • Additional heater connector
  • Excellent thermal isolation
  • Qualifies for all kinds of heat sources
  • 1 or 2 R50 connectors for electric heater
  • stainless steel container
  • connector 1″