Fan coil FCF series

An excellent device that distributes heat or cold in a far more effective way than any traditional radiator. Operation with a touch panel provids easy and comfortable control of the room climate. Depending on the needs, the device can have power up to 4.20 kW for heating and 3.10 kW for cooling power. Esthetic and modern device mounted on the floor, can be an important element of the room’s interior.

Fan coil FCW series

The device mounted on the wall looks like the indoor unit of the air conditioner. As a unit distributing heat and cold, it works much more effective than a traditional radiator. High heating power up to 6.58 kW allows easy and comfortable control of the climate of a large room or a small house. Slightly smaller, up to 3.21 kW, cooling power helps in maintaining a pleasant temperature on hot summer days. Comfortable control of the intuitive remote gives you the joy of everyday use.