Integrated air-water pump – water AWT with the container

Economical and highly efficient air-water pump, directed towards harsh and frosty climate, heating up water up to 65 C. Design of the indoor unit fits perfectly into the most modern houses. The unit occupies only 60×65 cm of the floor space. All of the unit connectors are located on the top wall.

Indoor unit contains water container with the capacity of 250L, the device managing system, heat interchanger, circulation pump, coil heater. Everything constitutes a complete heating system.

Indoor unit

Outdoor unit

The pump AWT-V5+ is designed to modernize the existing boiler room as well as to build a new one. In case of modernization, it would perfectly replace the traditional heat source, like coal furnace, gas furnace, electrical furnace or one that burns the heating oil

Most important

  • energetic efficiency, class A ++
  • 100% efficiency in the temperature up to -25 C
  • pump is available in three alternative heating power: 9kW, 11kW or 13 kW.
  • Three power alternatives support the electrical termophore 1,5kW, +3kW +3 kW.
  • Integrated solution with a container for heating, cooling and usable hot water.
  • Easy installation.
  • Nano coated evaporator
  • Automatic furtherance

The pump air-water AWT is available in three different versions: AWT9-V5+, AWT11-V5+ and AWT13-V5+.

AWT 9 11 13 V5 IU