Integrated air pump – water AWH V5+

Economical, efficient and easy-to-use air-water pump is directed towards the climate of middle and northern Europe. The frame of the pump is esthetic and stylish. Compact size allows for a great integration into, usually limited, space of the boiler room or utility room. Indoor unit is equipped in circulation pump, heat exchanger and controller.

Indoor unit

Outdoor unit

Air-water pump AWH V5+ can be connected to the existing heating systems. When necessary, the coil heater supports the system when the demand for heat is increased. The traditional source of heating can be treated as a backup during the utmost demand for heat.

Most important

  • energetic efficiency, class A ++
  • 100% efficiency in the temperature up to -25 C
  • automatic reset in case of decline of power supply
  • Panasonic compressor
  • Nano coated evaporator
  • Dockage system
  • Bargain price and a short period of return on investment

The pump air-water AWH V5+ is available in four different heating power of the pump: 9 kW, 11kW, 13kW and 20kW.